The Trombonist – Spring 2018

Education is at the heart of this edition of The Trombonist as we share your letters to our guest agony aunt Amos Miller, Marcus Brigstocke’s charming account of his first trombone lesson at London’s Guildhall School, a host of inspiring advice, completed by the launch of our very own catalogue of ABRSM syllabus recordings.  

We have plenty of features for you including a spotlight on Jiggs Whigham, this year’s recipient of the prestigious ITA Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as a brand new How It’s Made feature, which explores the intricate craftsmanship behind mute making. 

I am delighted to offer a warm welcome to our newest member of the magazine team – our designer, Sára Mikklesen.  Putting this together has been a joy and I would like to extend a big thank you to the whole BTS team and our contributors for your time and support.  

Readers, it is a pleasure to share with this you and I hope you all find plenty to enjoy.  Your feedback is always welcome so please do get in touch – thank you.